Training of highly qualified specialists, competitive on the labor market, competent, responsible, having excellent skills in their profession, who know how to navigate in the related fields of activity, capable of continuous professional development, social and professional mobility.




Development of a teacher creative thinking, providing the development of qualification and professional skills of teaching staff, improvement of the scientific and methodological capacity of teaching staff;

Studying and expansion of best practices, assisting the  beginning teachers in the mastery of pedagogical skills;

Deep knowledge of their specialty, responsible and conscientious attitude to the duties, quality and timely execution of tasks to college benefit.

The introduction of the dual training system.

The introduction of new and the improvement of existing technologies, methods, means and forms of the educational process

Improvement of the professional level of teachers in subject-matter cycle commissions.

Respect for the individual's right to freedom of expression, openness and goodwill in communication and discussion of the problems of college development.

Creation of optimal conditions for free creative work, raising the educational level, improvement and self-expression of college employees.

Not to allow corruption in college activities.



The educational process combines theoretical training with practical skills of students using the labs, workshops and computer rooms