Pedagogical Council


1 General information


1.1 The Pedagogical Council is one of the forms of collective management of the College.


1.2 In its activities the Pedagogical Council is guided by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the regulation on the Pedagogical Council, as well as the College charter.


1.3 The activity of the Pedagogical Council is based on the publicity of the collective discussion of the issues falling within its competence.


2 Tasks of the Pedagogical Council


The main tasks of the Pedagogical Council are:


2.1 the diagnosis of the state of the College educational process, the level of teachers’ professional qualification, the level of training, education and development of the College students;

2.2 the elaboration of integrated target programs of the development of the College, professional skills and creativity of each teacher and master of industrial training;


2.3 integrating efforts of all the College staff for the quality of educational work;


2.4 creation of conditions for continuous improvement of quality of personnel training taking into account the labor market needs, the development prospects of the republic's economy;


2.5 provision of person-oriented education and training of students;


2.6 formation of a competent approach in the organization of the educational process of the College;


2.7 improvement of the forms and methods of monitoring the performance and efficiency of the educational process;


2.8 ensuring a creative approach in the organization of the educational process in the College.


3 Members of the Pedagogical Council


3.1 The Pedagogical Council consists of:

- senior college management, - all teachers and educational and support staff,

- representatives of main enterprises, institutions,

- students and representatives of the parent community.


3.2 The representatives of the teaching staff are elected by open vote at the meeting (for each candidate proposed by teachers and masters of industrial training).


The educational process combines theoretical training with practical skills of students using the labs, workshops and computer rooms