To enter the College you must provide 

1.    Application for admission; 

2.    High school diploma or certificate of completion of the 9th form;

3.    State certificate of UNT (if any);

4. 6 photos in the size of 3x4;

5.    ID No. (copy);

6.    Medical certificate of form 086-У and child health passport;

7.    Fluorography;

8.    Military card or certificate of registration (copy);

9.    Address reference;

10.    Characteristics (for graduates of 9 forms);

11.    Reference from Juvenile Division (for graduates of 9 forms);

12.    Standard application form with copies of identity cards of both parents.

13.    Copies of diplomas and certificates 

The acceptance of documents for admission to the “ITC” College is carried out from June, 20 to August, 20 (intramural department) and to September, 20 (extramural department), 2016. The daily work schedule of the selection committee - from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Saturday - 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Telephones: +7 (727) 244-51-47, +7 (727) 244-51-48, +7 (727) 313-21-17

E- mail

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College accepts high school graduates and students of vocational schools on a granted and a fee paid basis on 9-11 forms basis for intramural and extramural departments. The cost of educating Intramural department - 300 000 KZT, Extramural department - 150 000 KZT.



The educational process combines theoretical training with practical skills of students using the labs, workshops and computer rooms