Distance learning

Online education in the Innovative Technical Collage


The online educational process in our college is carried out through the educational platform EduPage. Also, teachers use the ZOOM and Discord platforms to conduct video conferences.

The educational platform of the college contains educational content in digital format (electronic educational and methodological complex, which includes lecture material, laboratory and practical tasks, tests, independent work for students, video lessons, presentation lessons, etc.). It provides students and teachers with access to all electronic resources.

Today, students and teachers use the educational platform in full part time. All sections of training on educational platforms are mastered: EduPage, ZOOM and Discord.


Video lessons by our teachers

Since March 2020, when the Innovative Technical College of Almaty proceed  to distance learning to ensure the quality of the educational process, Collage  began to actively develop video tutorials in the disciplines.

In order to stimulate teaching activities, from April 06 to 09, 2020, the college held a competition for the "Best Video Tutorial" (lasting 10 -15) on the ПЦК. The topics of the video lessons were strictly according to the CTP for the April – May months of the 2019-2020 academic year. The competition was attended by teachers of the college, as well as members of the administration who lead the classes. The prize fund was 200,000 tenge: 50,000 tenge – to the winner from each ПЦК and letters of thanks.

According to the results of the competition, 4 winners were identified, whose video tutorials were recognized as the best by the ПЦК:

  1. ПЦК "Computer Engineering and software" - Sayasat N. E.;
  2. ПЦК "General professional and special disciplines" - Asset A.;
  3. ПЦК "General educational and socio-economic disciplines" - Maramzina E. V.;
  4. ПЦК "Language disciplines" - Akimova Z. K.

Congratulations to our winners of the contest!!! You

You can watch the video tutorials of our teachers by clicking on the following links:


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