Position About the work of the volunteer club "Sanaly urpak"

Position About the work of the volunteer club "Sanaly urpak"

  1. General Provisions

 1.1 volunteer club "Sanaly Urpak" - a voluntary association of students created in college to promote legal knowledge, anti-corruption culture.

 1.2 voluntary club "Sanaly Urpak" - the college is a structural part of the self-government system.

 1.3 voluntary college club "Sanaly Urpak" - an association of students working under the guidance of the club leader on the basis of the Regulation approved by the director of the college.

 1.4 the activities of the voluntary club "Sanaly Urpak" were carried out on the basis of these Regulations.

 1.5 internal documents governing the club’s activities are developed by the head independently and submitted to the college principal.

  1. Goals and objectives
  •  Anti-corruption culture;
  •  Transparent and open educational institution;
  •  Improving the quality of education through the introduction of anti-corruption mechanisms;
  •  Anti-corruption legislation in the field of education;
  •  Information support;
  •  Increasing anti-corruption literacy of all subjects of education;
  •  Increasing anti-corruption behavior of subjects of education;
  •  Turn students and teachers into leaders of anti-corruption policies.
  1. club principles
  •  Volunteerism;
  •  Publicity and transparency;
  •  The legal culture of club members;
  •  Collective organization of club life;
  •  Respect for the interests, honor and opinions of each member of the club;
  •  Social.  Socially useful value;
  1. Symbols of the volunteer club "Sanaly ұrpaқ"

 4.1 club emblem

  1. structure and organization of the club

 5.1 students wishing to participate in the club are admitted to the club

 5.2 for oral treatment at a meeting of the Club, you can accept the members of the club.

 5.3 club meetings are held at least once every 3 months.

 5.4 club leader:

  • Organizes the activities of the club;
  • Decides to hold an extraordinary meeting;
  • Introduces the progress of the club at administrative meetings, general meetings of students;
  1. rights and obligations of club members

 6.1 club members have equal rights;  - independently enter the club and exit the club;  - make decisions on holding an extraordinary meeting;  - acquaint with the activities of the club at administrative meetings, conferences.  ;

  1. rights and obligations of club members

 7.1 club members have the same right;

  •  Independently enter the club and exit the club;
  •  Express your opinion and make suggestions on the activities of the club .;
  •  Development of proposals for planning, organizing and conducting socially significant events;
  •  Receive information available at the club headquarters;
  •  Seek help from the club headquarters to protect their rights and interests.

 7.2 club members assume the following obligations :;

  •  Compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, internationally binding principles and norms relating to its activities, as well as the norms established by the charter of KSU of the innovative technical college;
  •  Compliance with the requirements of these Rules;
  •  Protect the authority of the club, promote its work.
  1. Final provisions

The club is not a legal entity, operates on a voluntary basis, is a non-profit association, operates only on the territory of an innovative technical college.

The head of the club: Usmanova B.N.

Club secretary: Nurzhumauly B.



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