Our advantages

Our advantages

Innovative Technical College is one of the leading colleges for training IT industry employees.

Accelerating the development of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and improving the quality of life of the population through the use of digital technologies requires that educational organizations train IT specialists who are competitive and successful in the labor market. Today, our college has more than two thousand students - future programmers, specialists in cybersecurity, information systems and web design. The quality of education at the college is high, as evidenced by the high results in republican and international competitions.

The college implements a personal-oriented approach to learning, which presupposes that the center of learning is the student, his goals and motives, his personal interests and features. During their studies at the college, students acquire many friends, learn to build harmonious relationships with others, actively lead a student life, engaged in self-development, participate in competitions, Olympiads and festivals. 

The IT-college opens the possibility of early professional self-determination, obtaining a profession, employment or further training at the university on the system of continuing education. At the end of the college is issued a diploma of the state sample, on the basis of which graduates can continue their education in universities of Kazakhstan and abroad in related specialties with a shorter term of study.


050040, Almaty city, 52г, Abay st.

+7 775 281 89 11 +7 707 259 09 63

+7 727 313 21 17

+7 727 313 21 18

Телефон доверия колледжа +7 727 313 21 18

Виртуальная книга жалоб: info@intc.kz

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