Director's Blog

Director's blog

Hello, dear visitors of our site!

I am happy to welcome You to my personal blog!

I hope that this interactive resource can become a good platform for a broad discussion of issues related to the activities of the College.

Each person has the opportunity to leave comments, ask questions, and make suggestions.

If you have any suggestions that can improve the performance of our College, we will be happy to listen to them.

Sincerely, Director of the College

Burkutbayeva Faina Valiyevna


Please tell me what documents are required for admission to college?

Documents to be submitted to the College admissions board:

1) application for acceptance of documents;

2) the original of the document on education (Certificate);

3) 3x4 cm photos - 4 pieces;

4) medical report form No. 075-U, for disabled people of group I and II and disabled people from childhood conclusion of medical and social expertise on form 031-U;

5) an identity document (id-card) (for identification purposes).

When submitting via the e-Government web portal: www.

1) the application from one of parents (or other legal representatives), the service recipient in the form of an electronic document, signed by the EDS of his representative, indicating the actual residency of the service recipient;

2) an electronic copy of the document on education or a document on education in electronic form;

3) electronic copies of documents of medical report in the form No. 075-U, for disabled people of group I and II and disabled people from childhood report of medical and social expertise in the form 031-U;

4) digital photo size of 3x4 cm.

5) The service provider receives information about identity document from the relevant state information systems through the gateway of the " electronic government»

Hello, can I transfer to you from another College in my second year?
Hello! I want to work at your College. Who can I talk to or send my resume to?
Good afternoon! I'd like to know if you have a five-day break?
Good evening! Do you have a KVN club?
Hello, how much does it cost to study at your College
Hello, tell me the phone number of the admission Committee.
What courses are provided during the summer with the aim of improving knowledge?
Your College is private, does it affect the quality of the diploma?

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