Competitions held at the college of IT, in the period

Competitions held at the college of IT, in the period

2016-2017 years

In the section" Programming "in the framework of the city, scientific and practical conference    " IT specialist-the engine of the future", dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the 1000th anniversary of Almaty, students Sakhanov K. and Madiyar A. (head teacher spec.disciplines-N. S. Seksembayeva) took the III place with the project "Historical and educational computer game "Kabanbay", presenting the official promoting website.


2017-2018 years

1.    In the competition devoted to scientific works, "Turan College Science Project" among college students, Madiyar A. took the III place in the section "Mathematics and Informatics" (project manager-teacher spec.disciplines-N. S. Seksembayeva).

2.    In the period of April 28-29, 2018 "in the nomination" Program project "at the V open championship on innovative technologies and robotics in the nomination "Cup of Akim of Almaty" ALMATY TECH CUP "the students of the group CEaS14-09R Madiyar A. and Rakhmanov R. (head-N.S. Seksembayeva) took the III place, presenting an educational computer game " Physics".

2018-2019 years

1. One of our projects presented at the eighth Hackday ideas festival, which was held within the framework of the projects "Digital Kazakhstan" and "Rukhani-Zhangyru" in the period of November 10-11, 2018, and organized by the Ministry of education and science, akimat of Almaty, was the PROJECT "Deka "of the" Effect Delpano " team. The team members: Nurakhmetov Askar and Akhmetgaliev Sultan. Within 24 hours, the guys showed diligence, exertion, activity, attentiveness, as a result, embodied their best ideas and took the honorable II place (project manager-Ismailova R.S.).

2.March 14-15, 2019 in honor of the year of youth on the basis of Almaty state Polytechnic college, among the college students held a competition "Polytech Hackathon". 25 students participated on behalf of the Innovative technical college. They took the following places:

·         In the nomination "Mobile applications" II place was taken by the team " Reddev "(head-Zhaksylykov T. M.).

·         In the category" Graphics and design "III place was taken by the team" GoStyle "(head-Ilyasov AA).

3.At the VIII city competition "Profitable business" or "Social project" among students of colleges "TURAN-UMITI-2019" the student of the II course of Innovative technical college Amirkhankyzy Arailym took the II place (in the section "Social initiative and digital environment") (supervisor-Raimbayeva M. E.).


2017-2018 years

At the regional championship of the international competition "WORLDSKILLS ALMATY-2018" in the nomination "Web-design" the student of the group CEaS 14-09R Sakhanov K. took the III place (head-teacher of special discipline N.S. Seksembayeva).

2018-2019 years


The name of the participant




Kolomiets Roman Vyacheslovich

Development of mobile application

Aitbay Miras Nurkasenbayuly


Bismildin Rauan Khabibullauly

Internet of things

Sayasat Nurym Erlanuly


Chiche-Ogly Akhmet Mustafaevich

Network and system administration

Kadyrbek Nurgali Kazbekuly


Nurakhmetov Askar Timuruly

IT solutions for business

Ismailova Raikhan Seilkhanovna


Kulbas Bolat Amankeldiuly

Information security

Zhaksalykov Temirlan Mirambekovich



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