Personnel potential

Personnel potential

In LLP "Innovative technical college of Almaty" the training of middle-level specialists is carried out by a team of highly professional teachers. The total number of teaching staff is 85 including:

AMP - 11 people

The chairs of SCC-4 people

Teachers-60 people

Accounting – 1 person

Personnel Department-1 person

AEP-3 people

Support staff-5 people

Currently, in the college works 73 teaching staff, including AUP. Of these, 69 are the main activity, 4- part-time.

At the time of self-assessment, the number of teaching staff is 73 people, out of which 1 person has a PhD degree, 1 person is studying for a doctorate, 20 have an academic master's degree, 19 are studying for a master's degree. All teachers have higher education.

The number of teachers with the highest qualification category of the highest level is 9 people, the first qualification category of the highest level is 7 people.

In accordance with the plan of professional development of teachers and senior staff of the college, teachers annually improve their skills in modern areas of education and science, including the introduction of modular learning technology.

Effective work of heads and teachers of college was repeatedly noted by the state, departmental awards and honorary titles and diplomas:

  • Badge of  "Honorary worker of education" -1 person
  • Badge of  S.Altynsarin - 2 people.
  • Diplomas and gratitude of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan-3 persons.
  • Certificates of Akim of the region, city and district-2 people.



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