The honor code of teacher and staff

The honor code of teacher and staff


1.1 This code defines the basic rules of corporate culture and behavior of teachers and employees in the Innovation technical college of Almaty (hereinafter-the College).

1.2 The honor code of teacher and staff of the college is aimed at creating a favorable moral and psychological climate in the college.

1.3 The main purpose of the implementation of all the provisions of this code is to strengthen the corporate culture of the professional community, increase the authority of teachers and staff of the college.

1.4 Each teacher and employee of the college, strictly observing the norms of this code, contributes to the strengthening of its image and business reputation of the college.

2.The corporate principles and values.

2.1 The activities of the college are based on the following principles:

2.1.1. The college is a leading center of quality knowledge, culture, science and innovation, uses the latest learning technologies in the educational process.

2.1.2. The college is looking forward, that effectively implementing the educational concept of the college.

2.1.3. The college values and respects its employees and always acts in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

2.1.4.The college is intolerant of any manifestations of corruption and bribery.

2.1.5. The spirit of the college is in unity. Creativity, involvement and partnership of teachers, employees and students are integral features of corporate ethics.

2.2 The main corporate values.

2.2.1.Competitiveness of educational services.

2.2.2. Integration into the world educational space.

2.2.3. Openness to change and innovation.

2.2.4. Constant focus on research and development.

2.2.5. High academic responsibility.

2.2.6. Striving for perfection and creative growth.

2.2.7. Morality, patriotism, citizenship.

2.2.8. Respect for the personality of the employee and the student, protection of their rights and interests.

2.2.9. Dedication to the college and willingness to meet its high standards.

3. The corporate ethics of the college staff

3.1. Teachers and staff of the college are obliged to:

3.1.1. With honor and dignity to maintain the status of the institution, with effort, justifying the high rank of teacher and staff of the college.

3.1.2. To carry out the mission of the college and in professional activity to correlate its mission with the corporate.

3.1.3. To take full responsibility for the implementation of the stated goals and objectives of the college, to be involved in the results of the college.

3.1.4. Performing their duties, to show high culture, responsibility, integrity, academic integrity and objectivity, guided by the principles of mutual respect, correctness, friendly relations with colleagues and students.

3.1.5. Strive for professionalism, constantly increasing the level of your knowledge, studying foreign and domestic experience and achievements of science.

3.1.6. To serve as an example for students of labor discipline, respectful and careful attitude to your college, its traditions and history.

3.1.7. To value the business reputation of the college, to refrain from carrying out activities contrary to or detrimental to the interests of the college, to prevent any attempt to discredit the honor and authority of the college.

3.2. Teachers and staff should not:

3.2.1. Humiliate the dignity of colleagues and students, to use obscene words, show arrogance and familiarity.

3.2.2. To discuss with students the personal lives of colleagues and their shortcomings.

3.2.3. To appear in a state of intoxication and to use alcoholic beverages in college, to smoke in a non-designated place.

3.2.4. To accept gifts or cash rewards from students.

3.2.5. To disseminate religious ideas, as well as opinions and attitudes contrary to interethnic unity and inter-confessional harmony. At college and in other public places, the wearing of a hijab, beard and short trousers are excluded.

3.2.6.To be late for work, to reduce the time of classes or the performance of their official duties, to miss them without a good reason.

3.2.7. To show rudeness and inattention in the performance of their official duties.

3.2.8. To abuse their official powers in relation to students, allow bias towards students and in assessing their knowledge.

3.2.9. To spread false information about the decisions of the college administration and the activities of their departments.

3.3. The relationship between the manager and subordinates.

3.3.1. The manager have to:

  • to serve as an example for subordinates by their professional and universal behavior;
  • to base norms and principles of the behavior on the basic rules of corporate ethics of business communication;
  • to show respect for the personality of subordinates, not to infringe on their dignity;
  • to create a friendly and business environment in the team.

3.3.2. The subordinate have to:

  • strictly observe labor discipline;
  • immediately inform the manager of the reasons for the absence;
  • to know in person the leaders of the college, their name and patronymic;
  • at a meeting in a corridor or on an open platform to greet the chief the first;
  • when you enter the room, greet those present first.

3.3.3. Relationships with colleagues:

  • to be respectful to each other;
  • to be sure to apologize for incorrect behavior (act);
  • to refrain from criticizing colleagues, subordinates, the head in the presence of other employees;
  • to have a negative attitude to rumors, to prevent their spread;
  • during working hours to be engaged only in the affairs, which connected with performance of direct office duties;
  • do not swear, do not show intemperance and aggression;
  • to help colleagues in work, to share knowledge and experience.

3.3.4. Attitude to work as the main professional duty:

  • to exemplify for students;
  • to be competent, constantly maintaining a high level of scientific and pedagogical qualification;
  • honestly and objectively assess the knowledge, skills and abilities of students;
  • to give the forces, knowledge and experience to business of increase of scientific achievements of the college.
  • do not resort to plagiarism, appropriation of ideas from unpublished sources.

3.3.5. Holding  meetings:

  • to come to the meeting on time;
  • to get acquainted with the agenda in advance and have all the necessary materials with you;
  • to turn off cell phones before starting a meeting;
  • do not use the rostrum of the meeting to solve personal problems.


4.Responsibility for violations of the code of honor

4.1. The code of honor is equally the business of all teachers and staff.

4.2. Teachers and staff of the college are obliged to know and comply with “The code of honor”, to bear strict responsibility for their activities and behavior.

4.3. Violation of provisions of the Code is considered as the action incompatible with the status of the teacher and the employee of college.

4.4. For violations of the College's honor Code, the following measures may be applied to employees, teachers and students:

  • recommendation of a public apology;
  • conduct discussions at the leadership Council;
  • disciplinary action.


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