Computer engineering information networks

QUALIFICATION: 3W06120101 - Computer hardware operator (by types)

This specialist ensures the flawless operation of computer equipment, local network, software. Serves computers and ensures the smooth functioning of equipment, computer programs and information networks in the organization.

Connects network equipment and maintains its operation. He diagnoses and troubleshoots one or more elements of the local network and network equipment, exchanges information over the local corporate network, performs preventive work, coordinates the configuration and operation of computer networks, covering segments of the global Internet. Responsible for network security, the health of computers and computer programs. The range of his duties is very wide - from the purchase of computers and components to writing Web sites.

Place of work:

Public and private enterprises and organizations that develop, implement and use computer technology and software in various fields, namely: mechanical engineering, metallurgy, transport, telecommunications, science and education, healthcare, agriculture, in the service sector, administration, economics, business, management of various technologies.

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