Dual training

Dual training

Dual training is a form of training that combines training in the organization of education with mandatory periods of industrial training and professional practice at the enterprise (in the organization) with the provision of jobs and compensation to students, with equal responsibility of the enterprise (organization), the educational institution and the student.

This system assumes training of the expert simultaneously in two directions-theoretical and practical. 1/3 of the time of training he receives basic knowledge at college, and 2/3-hones skills and receives practically significant knowledge in the production-training enterprise.

The main goal is to prepare a qualified and competent graduate, who has formed the basic skills of work in the workplace, to develop a Kazakh model of education in the system of technical and specialized education (TPE). More simply, to prepare such a specialist, who involved in the work from the first day and would perform it at a high professional level. In addition, dual education involves the formation of an order from employers of Kazakhstan for specialists with certain skills and knowledge.

Since 2018-2019 academic year "Innovative technical College of Almaty" under the leadership of the Chamber of entrepreneurs of Almaty" Atameken " entered the program of dual education. In this regard, the group of MK 18-09R number of 25 people in the specialty 1304000 "Computer equipment and software" qualification 1304022 "fitter of connection-cable guy" individually concluded a typical tripartite "Agreement on dual training for the organization of technical and professional education" according to the rules, approved Addendum № 4 to order № 611 of the Minister of education and science of Kazakhstan from November 02, 2018 to the passage of the industrial, technological and professional practice at enterprises of the city and was also signed bilateral agreement for the conduct of professional practices, developed and approved in the Annex № 4 to order № 611 of the Minister of education and science of Kazakhstan from 02 November, 2018 with the following enterprises of the city as a potential practice bases too "R-STYLE.KZ" that, too "Inventive" and LLP "Almaty Heat Service".


Conclusion of the agreement on dual cooperation with the Director of LLP "Almaty heat service" by D. A. Borantayev

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The group of MK 17-09 K on educational and production practice "on communication lines" on LLP " Almaty heat service»


The group of MK 17-09 R and Etzhbk 16-09K1 on training and production practice, master of industrial training from LLP "R-STYLE.KZ" Maltsev A.


Tygelbay Meruert, gr.MK 17-09K was awarded "certificate of Honor" by the results of practical training "on the lines of communication" from the state institution " Office of akim of Kurtinsky rural district of ili district

On November 14, 2018, the city practical seminar on "Dual training: experience, problems, prospects" was held on the basis of Fleet № 1. The organizer was the Chamber of entrepreneurs of Almaty "Atameken", the city methodical Council of Almaty and Almaty state College of transport and communications. M.Tynyshpaeva. There were Deputy directors for educational and production work, heads of educational and production practice and masters of industrial training from educational organizations. The issues of introduction of dual training into the educational process, problems and prospects of dual training were discussed.


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Practical seminar on “Dual training: experience, problems, prospects”

For 2019-2020 academic year "Innovative technical college of Almaty" applied for training under the program of dual education in the specialty 1305000 "Information systems" qualification 1305011 "Designer". In this regard, a group of D 19R in the number of 25 people individually concluded a Typical tripartite "Contract on dual training for the organization of technical and vocational education" with the following enterprises of the city: LLP "R-STYLE.KZ", "IT solutions for business" LLP, "Next Generation Support" LLP and "Club100" LLP.



Group D-19R on educational and introductory practice


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